Buzz at St B’s is the name of our new Sunday afternoon family service that starts on 21st September at 5pm. We are looking for volunteers to help with making sandwiches and cakes, serving refreshments, helping with crafts and drama, and supervising after-service quizzes and games. If you would like to help, please let Tulo […]

Starting in September, Tulo will be leading two fortnightly prayer and discussion groups on a Wednesday and Thursday evening. One group will be exploring the Pilgrim course, a course that explores the basics of the Christian faith. The other group will be exploring in more depth the themes covered by the Sunday sermons. Neither group […]

Are you a knitter or want to learn and join this wonderful ministry? Please speak to Gill Boardman or ring her on 02476 473243. She would welcome any spare wool you may have; please put it in the box in the Mission Area. The idea is that you pray as you knit! When you have […]

When tragedy strikes anywhere in the world the first people to suffer are children. As charities work to alleviate the stress that prevails when catastrophes occur, they know that the simple gift of a hand-knitted teddy bear sends these children the message that someone in the world cares for them and that they are loved. […]

Many of you will know John, the Big Issue vendor who stands outside the Co-op in Earlsdon High Street. During school holidays his sales are normally down as regular customers are away. If you don’t normally buy a Big Issue, but could do so over the next few weeks, it would be a great help […]

Kairos send their thanks to everyone who has donated goods to their charity in recent weeks. They have been extremely short of items and the deliveries from St Barbara’s have been particularly welcomed – not only by their workers but especially by their clients. Desperate needs have been met. Many thanks to everyone for your […]